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Enthusiastic Hard Work

We  know that part of what differentiates us is our hard work. And our customers can feel that we work harder than others. This core attitude drives all facets of our operation. We bring care to everything we approach from the lowest level detail to the highest arching goal. We do this with a confident, pleasant, positive attitude.

Exceptional Service

We are accountable and take total ownership of our responsibilities to both our external and internal customers, as well as our vendors. We know time is of essential value in the construction industry, and hold responsiveness  and timeliness as a necessity within our operations. We know challenges are more easily overcome with constant communication. We are a service company, and we lead with a servant attitude aiming constantly to give value to our customers and vendors.

Growth Mindset

We bring a growth mindset to all phases of Vanguard, knowing that the workplace and customer expectations do not remain stagnant.  We have measurable goals for all employees to grow their influence and knowledge base. We reward process improvement and innovation at all areas. We believe in our product, and push for constant growth in the amount of customers we touch and the ways we can serve them.

Solutions Based

Clients trust us to build things that will work and we take that seriously. Our team overcomes obstacles, finds solutions and delivers exceptional results. The people who work here are smart and think critically, and proactively seek solutions to problems before they arise.

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